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Updated: May 28, 2020

Graz is an Austrian city located in South of the country after crossing the Alps. Graz is the second largest city of Austria and capital of Austrian state of Styria. Also known as a one of the most preserved central European city due to the fact that railway station is bit far from the old town.

My Journey to Graz, Austria:

The Inner City of Graz is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Graz was nominated as a European Capital for Culture in 2003 and Best City for Culinary in 2008.

Salzburg, Austria
On the way to Graz, Austria

I visited Graz from Germany. Crossed the beautiful Bavarian Alps into Austria and believe me it's one of the most alluring Train Journey in Europe and highly recommended to use Train while traveling to Austria from Germany.

Travel Austria. visit Austria
One of the most picture scenic Train Journey to Graz, Austria

I have visited Graz quite a lot so I am familiar with the city more like a local. I have stayed in different areas, experienced different restaurants and explored the city. Here in my blog, I will explain how to explore Graz like a Local along with best things to do in the city.

Best Touristic spots and Places to Explore in Graz

I would highly suggest starting the old town tour of Graz either from Jakominiplatz or Hauptplatz. Both of these spots are well connected with local transport and considered as a heart of Graz.


Hauptplatz is a main town square and one of the most crowded and lively place of the city. It has a statue in the center and medieval building in the surroundings and small food trucks nearby.

Hauptplatz in Graz Old Town
Hauptplatz in Graz Old Town

The Hauptplatz is connected with some main streets of the old town like Sporgasse and Herrengasse.

Hauptplatz in Graz
Statue in Hauptplatz, Graz


Herrengasse is a main street of Graz with all the shopping brands and considered as a heaven for shopping lovers. There are also connecting streets on the both side of Herrengasse which take into the narrow streets of old town.

Herrengasse connects the two most crowded areas of Graz, Hauptplatz and Jakominiplatz.

Herrengasse, Graz


It’s one of the largest museums for weapons and armory and hold a significant historical importance. Be aware about the closing days and timings. Its closes every Monday and the ticket is 9.50.

Landeszeughaus in Graz, Austria
Landeszeughaus in Graz, Austria


If you walk on Herrengasse from Hauptplatz, it takes directly to Jakominiplatz. Its one of the most crowded center and always full of people.

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Jakominiplatz in Graz, Austria

There are also some cafes, restaurants, food trucks and shopping stores around the platz. It’s a main point in the city where all the trams get diverted into different ways.

Jakominiplatz in Graz, Austria
A Tram at Jakominiplatz in Graz, Austria

Explore the Court Yards in Innerstadt (Old Town of Graz):

Graz has more than 40 court yards with different architecture and beauty. There are narrow streets on the Herrengasse which takes into different courtyards. If you are curious to explore Graz like locals, I would highly suggest looking up for the court yards.

There are many restaurants and café located in these court yards. You will be truly amazed to see them. One of my favorites are Paradeishof and Freiheitsplatz.

Exploring the Court Yards in Innerstadt


The famous castle of the Graz is located on the top of the hill. The castle remains unconquered but it was damaged heavily by Napoleon forces.

Schlossberg in Graz, Austria
View of Graz from Schlossberg

The schloss is now changed into park with an amazing view of the city. There are also two restaurants located on the top so you can enjoy perfect sunset with your favorite drinks.

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Schlossberg in Graz, Austria
Schlossberg in Graz, Austria

There are stair path from the Schlossbergplatz with takes to the top of the hill. You can also take the funicular from there which operates to and from the top.

Schlossbergplatz in Graz, Austria
Schlossbergplatz in Graz, Austria

But the way I like the most is from the innen stadt which takes up into the hill with an amazing view, so you can stop on the view and admire the beauty of the city.

Cannons at Schlossberg, Graz

Uhr Turm:

The most iconic and symbolic representation of the Graz is Uhr turm or Clock Tower. It's also located on the hill near Schlossberg.

You can see the tower different points in the old town. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the city and architecture of Kunsthaus from there.

Clock Tower in Graz, Austria
Uhr Turm (Clock Tower) in Graz, Austria

You can also visit the restaurant located near the tower. There are also few musicians playing the music nearby which enhances the feel and beauty of the place. It’s one of the most romantic spot in Graz.

Uhr Turm (Clock Tower) in Graz, Austria
Uhr Turm (Clock Tower) in Graz, Austria


Graz is a city famous for its art and culture. The Kunsthaus has a unique kind of architecture and there are always exhibitions of modern and contemporary arts taking place. It’s a heaven for the art lovers.

The museum also has a café where you find lots of art lovers spending some good time with their friends.