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Tasting Gothenburg: A Local Guide to the Gothenburg's Best Restaurants, and Cafes

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

As a food lover and traveler, I love to explore different culinary experiences in different countries. Gothenburg has a vibrant food scene - you can find small street local cafes and casual and trendy high-end restaurants.

I have been to Gothenburg twice and tried out different cafes and restaurant which offers traditional Swedish and international cuisine. Let's join me and find out about different cafes and restaurants in Gothenburg but "First and foremost, you might be wondering: What's the best way to reach Gothenburg?

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Brogyllen Hamngatan:

The charming and cozy cafe is located in the corner of one of the Canals in the heart of Gothenburg. The Cafe is popular among locals and tourists due to its coffee and fresh pastries. It's the best place for the desserts and coffee in Gothenburg.

The Brogyllen Cafe was recommended by one of the locals, and it doesn’t disappoint me. I had been to the cafe during lunchtime, which was fully crowded.

Best desserts in Gothenburg, Sweden
Brogyllen Hamngatan Gothenburg, Sweden

It’s a vintage cafe with colorful artwork and a welcoming environment. It has various sweet and savory options which satisfy your taste buds. The cafe also has an outdoor seating area to enjoy the sunny weather.

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Espresso House:

Expresso House is one of the most popular coffee chains in the Nordic countries. I can say that it’s even more popular than Starbucks in the Nordics. The Expresso House is famous for its high-quality coffee and desserts.

Best Coffee in Githenburg, Sweden
Espresso House, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Expresso house offers a range of signature coffee drinks, pastries, sandwiches, and salads. You shouldn’t miss their Caramel Macchiato. The cafe has very cozy and comfortable seating, and it has free Wi-fi, which makes it popular among freelancers and digital nomads.

Best cafe for Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden
Espresso House, Gothenburg, Sweden

Cafe au The:

The Cafe Au The is one of the most charming cafes, which is located near the Haga district in Gothenburg. The interior of the cafe is so unique, and it has wooden furniture.

Best coffee place in Haga, Gothenburg
Cafe au The, Gothenburg

The cafe has a cozy environment and ideal place to indulge in creativity of the Cafe. I enjoyed a nice coffee with a beautiful ambiance.

Best cafe in Haga, Gothenburg
Cafe au The, Gothenburg

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Café Husaren:

Café Husaren is located in the heart of Gothenburg's Haga district, and it is a charming cafe that prides itself on offering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with homemade food and pastries.

Best cafe at Gothenburg
Café Husaren Gothenburg

The café aims to embody the Swedish café culture with its wide variety of cakes and pastries, teas, and coffee. Its premises, located in a heritage-listed building from the 1800s, offer a glimpse into the past with a preserved glass roof and stucco decorations. The café's most famous treat is the Hagabullen, the world's largest cinnamon bun that not only looks festive but also tastes divine. Café Husaren truly represents Swedish café culture at its best.

Latteria at Antikhallarna:

Latteria is located on the lively street in the old town of Gothenburg. The Cafe is located in the bustling Antikhallarna market hall. Latteria offers a wide range of Italian delicacies, and you can also find freshly made sandwiches, salads, Pasta, and Antipasto, along with some desserts. It gets very crowded during lunchtime as there are many offices nearby, and many people come here to grab a quick lunch.

Best restaurants in Gothenburg
Latteria at Antikhallarna

Hard Rock Cafe:

Hard Rock Cafe is located at Kungsportsavenyen, the famous street in Gothenburg. Hard Rock Cafe chain has restaurants all over the world, and it’s famous for Rock and Roll vibes and ambiance.

Hard Rock Cafe, Gothenburg
Hard Rock Cafe, Gothenburg

The restaurant's interior is decorated with Guitars, album covers, and costumes worn by famous musicians. If you are a music lover, you should experience the rock and roll vibes of the restaurants.

Best American food in Gothenburg
Hard Rock Cafe, Gothenburg

The restaurant has classic American food like Burgers, fries, Mac and cheese, and varieties of Mocktails. I love their Mac & cheese with freshly baked bread, and I can highly recommend it. The Hard Rock also has a merchandise shop where you can find some cool shirts or hoodies.

Mr P:

Mr P is one of the most famous restaurants in Gothenburg, and it’s located near the famous landmark Poseidon in Gothenburg. The restaurant has a variety of dishes inspired by International cuisines, like spring rolls, Burgers, steaks, and cutlets.

The restaurant has a very chic and modern interior, and it also has an outdoor sitting. It’s absolutely a great place to hang out with friends and family to enjoy good food.

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Dawaat Gothenburg is located in the center of the city near the famous district of Haga. It serves traditional Indian cuisine. Being an expert in Desi food, I can confirm that Dawaat Gothenburg offers one of the best Desi food in Gothenburg.

Best Indian food in Gothenburg
Dawaat Gothenburg

The restaurant has warm lighting, comfortable seating, and traditional decor. The restaurant has diverse traditional dishes with different options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I have tried Lahore Balti Chicken which is served with Rice and along with Paratha (Flatbread), and of course, Mango Lassi is a must when you are in any Indian restaurant.

If you are looking for a halal restaurant in Gothenburg, you can definitely go and enjoy the food, as I confirmed with the restaurant owner.

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Best Halal restaurant in Gothenburg
Dawaat Gothenburg

Blackstone Steakhouse:

The Blackstone Steakhouse is located in the center of the old town of Gothenburg. The restaurant is famous for its variety of meat, including Rib-eye and T-bone steaks, and it also has options for vegetarians and seafood lovers.

I have been there for Lunch. During Lunch time, there is an option to choose the menu of your choice from the Menu. I have tried Fish with Truffle fries and Salad.

The restaurant is often crowded, so it’s recommended to make a reservation in advance.


Just like how it is named - The restaurant looks like Barn. The restaurant is very famous among tourists and locals, and it has been recommended by locals. It is located in the old town of Gothenburg.

Best restaurant in Gothenburg
Barn, Gothenburg

The restaurant has a dark and mulled interior with big candle chandeliers. The restaurant menu looks like a newspaper. The restaurants are famous for their Burgers, but I had tried Fish, cheese balls, and fries.

Restaurants in Gothenburg
Barn, Gothenburg

Taco Bar:

Are you looking for Mexican food in Gothenburg? Then, a Taco bar is a must-place to go. Taco Bar is located in various locations in Gothenburg. There are different options for veggies and meat lovers.

Best Mexican Restaurant in Gothenburg
Taco Bar, Gothenburg

The restaurant has a Mexican-inspired vibe with a colorful and lively ambiance. You can get delicious Mexican food like Tacos, Burritos, and quesadillas with different toppings.

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Mexican food in Gothenburg
Taco Bar, Gothenburg

I had tried Veggie Burritos, and they tasted very delicious.

Best Tacos in Gothenburg
Taco Bar, Gothenburg

Yalla Habibi:

Are you craving Lebanese food during your trip to Gothenburg? Good news: You can enjoy Lebanese street food like Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma, and Kebab in the center of Gothenburg. The restaurant isn’t so huge, but it has a very inviting atmosphere with a friendly environment.

Halal restaurants in Gothenburg
Yalla Habibi Gothenburg

Yalla Habibi offers a halal restaurant in Gothenburg, You can definitely go and enjoy the food at a reasonable price.

Ending Note:

Gothenburg offers a delightful culinary experience of traditional and modern cuisine which satisfy all the tastes. From seafood to street food, you can always find something in the charming city of Gothenburg. Whether you are a foodie or looking something new, Gothenburg won’t disappoints you.

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