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How to reach San Marino from Italy

Updated: Feb 7

As San Marino is located on a hill, so there’s no train connection to San Marino. But, it’s still pretty convenient to reach San Marino by public transport. 

San Marino is around 20 km from Rimini. There’s a bus connection which takes around 1 hour from Rimini to San Marino and vice versa. 

How to reach San Marino
San Marino

There are frequent connections by a Bonelli Shuttle and Bus Benedettini after every 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can find the details about departure time here. Check out the blog with all the details on how to reach San Marino using Public Transport from Rimini. 

Step 1: 

Buy a ticket:

You can buy the ticket online, or a ticket kiosk near the Rimini Central station or you can buy it on the bus. 

Where is the ticket Kiosk near Rimini Train Station: 

Search for Burger King in front of the Rimini Train station, there’s a small Kiosk selling bus tickets, Souvenirs, etc. You can buy the ticket for either one way or a return journey. One-way costs Euro 6 whereas Return Journey costs Euro 12. It’s advisable to have cash to make a payment. 

Where to buy a ticket in Rimini to San Marino
Where to buy a ticket in Rimini to San Marino

Step 2: 

Once you get the ticket, now It’s time to find the bus station. The Bus station is located around 200 meters from Burger King.

Check out our blog about Things to do in San Marino.

The best way is to look for the Napolean Hotel, the bus station is located right in front of it. You’ll also find the signboard of San Marino.

Where to get a bus in Rimini to San Marino
Where to get a bus in Rimini to San Marino

Be aware that there’s also some buses to Bologna Airport and Rome that leave from the same bus stop. Please do check or ask the driver to make sure that you’re taking the right bus. 

Bus to San Marino from Rimini
Bus to San Marino from Rimini

The bus normally comes on time. During the peak season especially in summer, it’s a bit of a hustle to find a seat as the ticket doesn’t guarantee the seats. 

After the journey of 1 hour - You can reach San Marino. There are also two options to get off at San Marino: 

Bus to San Marino
Bus to San Marino

Option 1:

If you want to avoid the climb to San Marino, you can also take a scenic cable car ride up to San Marino. While coming to San Marino using public transportation, you can get off at Borgo Maggiore Bus station which is just one station before San Marino.

Cable Car to San Marino
Cable Car to San Marino

From the parking, you can take a Cable Car up to the hill. It’s a quiet steep ride but it’s not scary at all. It takes around 2 minutes to reach to the top and it costs Euro 3 for one way. There are normally frequent rides running back and forth.

View from San Marino
View from San Marino

Option 2:

You can get off at the last station and from there you can take a little hike to the Old Town of San Marino.

How to reach to San Marino
San Marino

Ending Note:

The Bus also departs from the same point so you can find your departure point based on your convenience.

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