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Passau - A day in City of Three Rivers | Germany Travel Blog

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Passau is one of the rare cities of Europe where three rivers Inn, Ilz and Danube flows and emerge together and enters as Danube river in Austria.

Passau, Germany
Old Town, Passau

Passau is located in lower Bavaria and bordered with Austria. Passau has a unique historical importance.

Passau, Germany
View of Old town, Passau

It was a part of Roman colony and you still feel the Roman touch in the Architecture of the town.

How to Reach to Passau?


If you living in Germany, it’s highly recommended to take an ICE train. Normally, Tickets are more expensive than the bus but if you book your trip in advance then you can get cheaper ticket.

Passau, Germany
Danube river

In case, you are planning your one day trip from Munich or other party of Bavaria. The Bayern ticket is the best and cheapest way to travel within Bayern state.


You can also take a Flixbus. It's a cheaper option but takes more time than train.

River Cruising:

There’s also a possibility to have a ferry ride in Danube river and explore different cities along the Danube River. Check out Viking River Cruise and explore Passau during your Cruise trip of Danube but obviously, it’s the most expensive option to reach to the city.

Passau, Germany
Inn River, Passau

Our experience in Passau:

We started our journey from Munich, its around 2 hours direct train from Munich Central station. We bought a Bayern ticket for 2 persons for 34.

With the Bayern ticket, you can travel in all Regional train and other public transport in Bayern.

Passau, Germany
Danube River, Passau

Things to do in Passau

Vesta Oberhaus:

The fortress is located on the top hill of Passau, the castle is around 2 KM from Passau Central Station. We took the bus from Passau central station and get off at Römerplatz. We cross the Danube River over Luitpoldbrücke Bridge and took the stairs up to the Fortress.

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Passau, Germany
Luitpoldbrücke Bridge, Passau

There is an amazing view of the city and the river from different spot during your hike to the Fortress.

Passau, Germany
Vesta Oberhaus, Passau

The Fortress was built in 1219 to provide the Military strength to the city and remained unconquered 1704.

The fortress had a great importance during Napoleon times. He used the fortress against Austria but surrendered in 1805 to Austrian force.

Passau, Germany
Vesta Oberhaus, Passau

Nowadays, Fortress has a Oberhaus Museum, youth hostel and a restaurant.There is an elevator takes to the open air restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Passau.

Passau, Germany
Panoramic view of Passau from Vests Oberhaus


Dreiflüsseeck is a must place to visit in Passau. It’s a corner where three rivers Inn, Ilz and Danube emerge. Interesting thing about it that three Rivers has a different colors- Inn is green, Ilz is black and Danube is blue.

Passau, Germany
Dreiflüsseeck, Passau

Passau Altstadt:

Passau was being a part of Roman Empire for 400 years and it’s reflect the Roman Architecture in every street of Old town. The old town has Italian baroque lanes and narrow streets.

Passau, Germany
Passau Old Town

The narrow streets of the town has small shops and cafe with beautiful ambiance.

One of my favorite street is “Hollgasse Artist Alley”.

Passau, Germany
Hollgasse Artist Alley, Passau

Its a street which has a strap of colorful tiles in the center and has small artistic shops on both sides of the alley.

Passau, Germany
Artistic store in Passau

Artists also have hung their beautiful work outside of their shops. It’s a best place to buy the gifts.

St. Stephan’s Cathedral:

The church was constructed in 1688 and it’s a baroque catholic church. St.Stephan’s Cathedral has a largest Organ in Europe which has 17,774 pipes and 233 registers which can be played with 5 manual general console in the galleries. It’s highly recommended to watch the organ show in the church.

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Passau, Germany
St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Passau

Schaibling Tower:

The tower is located at the bank of Inn River and was fortified in 14th Century. It used to be a significant point for Passau’s Economic development.

Passau, Germany
Schaibling Tower, Passau

The tower is a perfect spot for the picture with a background in Inn River.

Passau, Germany
Schaibling Tower, Passau

Shopping in Passau:

Passau is known as a city of Students and it has many local and International brands. StadtGaleria is a shopping mall where you can find all your desired brands and also food court.

Passau, Germany
StadtGaleria, Passau

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