10 Things to do in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Travel Blog

Amsterdam, The Dutch Capital is famous for its liveliness and nightlife and unique Canal system. I have been to Amsterdam twice (in June 2016 and for celebrating my birthday in Oct 2018) and Aoon had been there three times( in Mar 2016, during his 32 days Euro tour in 2017 & Oct 2018).

We have experienced almost all the weather and flavors of this vibrant city of Europe.Amsterdam is a type of city which we want to visit again and again without getting bored.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to reach To Amsterdam:


The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers both domestic and international flights to and from Amsterdam. You can check your flights on Skyscanner.com.


Amsterdam is well connected with a Train. From Germany, you can take Deutsche bahn to Amsterdam. From Belgium, you can take SNCP to Amsterdam. From France, you can take the SNCF train to Amsterdam. We would suggest to check the tickets on Omio.com (provide the comparison between different mode of transportation and Train services).

Amsterdam Central Train Station


Almost all the well reputed Bus companies offer their services to Amsterdam. We would suggest you a Flixbus as their services are more reliable and it’s also cheap and mostly punctual. (provide the comparison between different mode of transportation and Bus services).

By Own Car:

We had always been driving to Amsterdam(from Germany) for all the trips as it's a highly convenient and enjoyable experience to drive the car in an unlimited speed zone in Autobahn and mesmerized by the beautiful scenic beauty of Dutch lush green fields and windmills.

On the Way to Amsterdam

Where to Stay in Amsterdam:

We have stayed in different localities in Amsterdam. For two times, we had stayed in the outskirts of the city to avoid the hustle of traffic and parking issues. Amsterdam is a safe city and well connected with local transport so you can find many different options according to your price range.

Our Hotel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam also has Unique concept of b&b (Boat & Breakfast) where you get the chance to stay in the boat which also has all the necessities like a comfortable bed, Toilet and Terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of the canal. You can also book a Botel which is a fixed hotel in Cruise Ship.

Boat & Breakfast Hotel in Amsterdam

Finding cheap parking in Amsterdam is quite tricky and challenging especially in the city center (it’s really expensive). Before booking the hotel or Air bnb check with them if they are offering parking fac