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Wild Wadi in Dubai - Best Water Park in Dubai | Things to do in Dubai, UAE

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

We went to Wild Wadi in Dubai to experience Aqua fun in True Arabian Style. The Wild Wadi is in the Prime Location of Dubai, right in front of the Iconic Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah. The Water Park is on the theme of Arabian Folk Juha.

The Water Park has around 30 attractions, Restaurants, and Cabanas to relax and enjoy the Aqua fun.

Wild Wadi in Dubai


Exclusive Deal: It’s highly recommended to book and purchase your ticket in advance and avail the best price and deal. Book your Wild Wadi Ticket. Otherwise, you have to wait in a long queue to get inside the park.

Let’s start the Adventure and get lost in the tales of Juha in Wild Wadi.

Top Attractions of Wild Wadi

Juha’s Journey:

We started our Experience with a light and relaxing Juha Tour. It’s a lazy River that takes you to the 360-meter-long tour of the Park.

The River is ideal for families and people from all age groups can enjoy floating in the River. You can also take a life jacket if you aren’t confident.

Burj Surj:

The best Ride for Families is Burj Surj in Wild Wadi. We were seated in a tube with other people. Here starts our adventure, the tube was descending and here comes the bowl-shaped spin. We had two Spins and then dropped into a slide, landing in a pool.

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Wild Wadi in Dubai

Jumeirah Sceirah:

We climbed up the tower around 32 meters high and were surprised to see the two tandem Slides. Time to Compete with each other !!

Enjoying at Wild Wadi in Dubai

We crossed our arms and legs and went inside the Capsules, and the countdown began. The floor beneath our feet was open, and we had a fall at a speed of 80 km/h with a few seconds, we were at the bottom of the slide.

What an experience

I was a bit anxious initially, but it was so much Fun. For your information, you aren’t allowed to use your Go Pro on this Ride.

Dubai is full of adventure and experience. You can find different Dubai Combos at discount prices.

Tantrum Alley:

It’s again a group Ride full of adventure and fun. We had seated into a giant tube that carried 4 people at a time and got ready to experience tornadoes. As the tube started descending, we had the first tornado, and the tube hit the walls back and forth, and then the tube circled around after the third tornado we landed in the pool.

Wild Wadi in Dubai

Wave Pool:

The Aqua Park has the largest Wave pool in the Middle East and produces waves up to 1.5 meters. You can also get complimentary life jackets near the pool area.

Wave Pool at Wild Wadi in Dubai

Master Blasters:

The Master Blaster is like a roller coaster water ride. We took our tubes and placed them over the beat, which took us up and a steep fall. The Master Blaster has different sections, providing a unique experience of twists, falls, and furious turns. We also went inside the tunnel of Doom. There are a few points from where you can see the beautiful view of Burj Al Arab.

Flood River:

We were enjoying the water, and then the 100,000 litres of Water came with waves over 1 meter high. There are also lifeguards present to tackle any uncertain situation. Life jackets are also available.

Wild Wadi in Dubai

Wipeout and Riptide:

Good news for the Surfers !!

The Wipeout Flow rider provides an ultimate surfing experience under the supervision of Surfer Thomas Lochtefeld.

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Wild Wadi in Dubai

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon:

This area is mainly for kids and families. But we had also been there, and our favourite part was dumping buckets full of water on the people around the area.

Wild Wadi in Dubai

Ending Note:

We had a fantastic experience and fun at Wild Wadi. We would highly suggest visiting both Atlantis Aqua Water Park and Wild Wadi during your visit to Dubai. If you don’t have much time and are looking for the Aqua Theme Park with less intensity of Rides and also want to experience the Arabic Theme, then Wild Wadi is a must Place to visit.

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