Motiongate - Dubai Parks | Best Amusement Park in Dubai, UAE

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

In Dubai Parks, there are 4 different theme parks- Motions Gate, Legoland, Legoland Water Park and Bollywood Park.

Motiongate Dubai Theme Park has depicted the characters and Movies themes from Hollywood three best studios - Dreamworks Animation, Lionsgate and Columbia Pictures. There are 5 different zones which have different theme rides, 4-D shows, Interactive shows and provide an ultimate Hollywood experience.

Motiongate, Dubai Parks

Ticket for Motiongate:

You can buy on the spot tickets from the entrance of Dubai Parks, or you can also book advance online from their Websites. The price of the Ticket is AED 175 but if you are a UAE resident you can get a discount. Moreover, you can also buy a Yearly pass of Dubai Parks and enjoy the ultimate experience of all the theme parks in Dubai Parks.

Annual Pass for Dubai Parks

Inorder to save the time, you can also buy fast track pass which is applicable for all the main rides and enjoy the rides without waiting in long queue.

When we had visited the Motiongate for the first time together, Aoon had already been there 5 times so he had a clear idea about all the rides, themes and activities. That was the best thing because this is how we had covered the whole Motiongate park in one day.

Dreamworks Theme:

We started from the tour of Dreamworks Theme from fountain of Dreams- The Dreamworks is totally indoor so don’t need to worry about the scorching summers of Dubai. It has 4 different themes based on Blockbuster movies of Dreamworks Animation Studio.

Dreamworks Theme in Motiongate, Dubai Parks

There are 12 attractions including Roller Coasters, Theatre Shows and Play zone based on the iconic movies How to train your Dragons, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Shrek.

1. Shrek:

We had started our adventurous experience from exploring Shrek’s Land. We literally felt that we were in the real Shrek’s World. The Shrek and Princess Fiano were roaming around and you can also take the pictures with them.

With Shrek and Princess Fiano

We have been to Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale where Shrek and Fiona were telling a Love story to their triplets with the help of the Puppet show.

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Shrek’s Land , Dubai Parks

We were in the car and it was taking us to the different Puppets and narrating the story how they get married.

Shrek’s Land , Dubai Parks

2. Kung Fu Panda:

Time to get admission in Kung Fu Panda’s Academy !!! You can have a chance to learn the Majestic Art of Kung Fu from Master Shifu and try your skills on the stage.

Kung Fu Panda, Dubai Parks

We had experienced the 4D simulator in Unstoppable Awesomeness Ride, We had joined Po to release the Kung Fu’s legend from the Imprisonment of Warlord.

We had also enjoyed Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling where we had also became an Ingredient of Mr. Ping’s Noodles and were spinning and twirling in a carousel Ride.

Kung Fu Panda, Dubai Parks

3. Madagascar:

After exploring Kung Fu Panda’s land, we came to explore Madagascar’s land. The live performance has been taken place by Rico, Skipper, Kowalski (Penguins) and Captain DuBois on her Scooter.

Live Performance at Madagascar in Dubai Parks

We had enjoyed our lunch at King Julien’s Side Show Café with entertaining shows.

King Julien’s Side Show

Time to go back to our Childhood , we had taken the Melman Go Round and enjoyed a spectacular Musical Circus experience on a carousel ride.

Melman Go Round, Dubai Parks

One of the thrilling ride of the park is Madagascar Mad Pursuit. To be honest. I wasn’t expecting it to be the craziest ride. We had entered into the dark and it was a Rollercoaster ride and totally surprised me where we were trying to escape from Officer Captain DuBois.

Madagascar’s land

4. How to train your Dragons:

In the end, We have been to How to train your Dragons. Due to the renovation work, most of the rides were closed but we are lucky to get the chance to Enjoy the Dragon Gliders, which took us to the unforgettable flight of forbidden Island. It was a rollercoaster ride where we had experienced the caves and wonderful Village of Berk.

How to train your Dragons

Columbia Pictures theme:

This zone of the Park has been designed on the theme of Hotel Transylvania, Ghost busters, Paranormal activities, supernatural creatures and Zombies. There are a total 7 attractions including water ride and Ghost hunting.

Hotel Transylvania in Columbia pictures theme

The Zone also has a Giant Castle to explore on Coffin like Carriages and surprise to see the Characters from Hotel Transylvania which is now welcoming the Humans.

Tour to Giant Castle in Hotel Transylvania

Do you want to contribute your part being a responsible citizen to save New York from Ghostbuster?

Temple of Gozer. Ghostbuster

The carrier ride took us to the Temple of Gozer and it's a kind of interactive game where you need to shoot the ghosts. We had contributed our part in Ghostbusters Battle of New York. Unfortunately, I didn’t get succeeded in Busting much of Ghosts but here Aoon played very well and scored among highest.

We were stuck in Zombieland and the only way to save our lives was Zombieland Blast off. The ride has around 58 Meter drop free fall drop which was true one of the most adventurous experiences.

Hotel Transylvania in Columbia pictures theme

In Underworld 4D, we had experienced the thrilling and full of suspense war between Vampires and Lycans. We had also seen the weapons and paintings displayed in the corridors.

Here comes one of my favorite rides in Motion Gates. It is called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs- River Expedition. It’s a family ride which takes you into the River and experiences the Green Jungle.

Aoon had already warned me to hold my phone tightly sometimes, with the sudden bump into the river you might slip your phone from your hand.

Smurf Village:

On the other side of Columbia Studio, there’s a magical Smurf Village with Mushroom houses and Smurfs everywhere. This zone had 5 main attractions including live theatre show with Smurf performance, play zone for kids and Rides.

Smurf Village in Dubai