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Yas Water World in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi - Best Water Park in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Yas Water Park is located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The Park is considered as one of the most Adventurous Aqua parks and offers the Ultimate thrill and Fun.

Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi


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As we had booked the 2 days package of Yas Island, including 2 nights stay in a hotel and access to Ferrari World and Yas Water Park.

It’s highly advisable to book your tickets in advance. We had an ordinary ticket which we changed into QUICK TRACK by paying extra money to avoid the long queues on Slides and Attractions.

Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi

There’s an instruction written at the beginning of each Attraction so you can also see the intensity of the Adventure, which will be helpful for you to decide whether to go for the Ride or not.

Top Attractions at Yas Water World:


The Park has a Wave pool - the Pool remains Calm, and then the Wave Starts flowing. You can get a complimentary Life Jacket and Tube if you aren't a confident swimmer. The Pool also has Life Guards ready to jump into the River in any emergency.

Al Raha River:

Get yourself on the Tube and float in the lazy Al Raha Water. It’s a pretty relaxing experience and takes you along the park. It’s a very enjoyable activity for family and friends. The water is also not deep, so the people enjoy it by flipping the tubes upside down their friends.


The Dawwama is a group ride in which up to 6 people can ride together on the Tube. You need to Climb up almost the height of a mountain and encounter the Tornado Water Coaster, which drops the tube with high intensity and then passes by a 20-meter-high funnel.

Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi

Bandit Bomber:

The Bandit Bomber is a high-speed and longest Middle East roller coaster that takes you on the round Tour of Yas Water Park. Kids ready to throw water from Cannon Point are standing in the way. Be on Alert and save yourself from their Attack.

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You can also stand on Cannon Point and throw the water on the people on Roller coaster.

Liwa Pool:

The slide is similar to the Posiden’s Revenge in Atlantis Water Park, we have already experienced that. So we are very excited to enjoy the adventure at Liwa Loop. It’s a loop; the floor is removed, and you will drop straight through the high-intensity water slide.

Falcons Falaj:

The Falcons Falaj and Dawwama are next to each other, you need to climb up and take a giant tube in which up to 6 people can enjoy the ride together. The Ride has steep Twists and Turns with a bombardment of the walls of the Slide, and your tube is dropped in the water after an unforgettable thrill.

Bubbles Barrel:

The Yas Water Park has the World’s Largest Surfing Pool with Waves and Ideal place for Surfers to enjoy Water Sports.

Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi

Hamlool’s Humps:

We felt that we are Flying on this High-speed Slide, and the Slide has 3 Bumps which decrease the speed, but it takes only a few seconds to reach the bottom of the Slide.

Jebel Drop:

The Slide has the steepest slope and provides a beautiful view of the Park, but I was so scared that I didn’t pay much attention to the view. I was just screaming, but it was the ultimate fun.

Slither’s Slides at Yas Water World


There are 6 parallel Sebag Slides, so It’s Time to Challenge Each other. The bottom of the Slide has a Stopwatch that records the Time. We took our Sebag and Got ready for the Race. At the Start, there’s a closed loop, then it opens with a steep slope.

Guess who’s the Winner: It was Aoon.

Your trip to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi can't be completed without your visit to Ferrari World. We have great news! You can get Exclusive Deals and prices for your Ferrari World Ticket.

Slither’s Slides:

There are 6 Slides in different colours and Shaped like a Snake. It’s a Tube Ride and can be enjoyed with your Partner with two seated Tube. The Slide is in a loop with sharp turns and lights and Dropped into the water.

Slither’s Slides at Yas Water World

Yadi Yas:

The Yadi Yas is a Crazy River with Waves and takes you on a tour of the Yas Water Park.

For the kids, Yas Water Park has a dedicated section that has activities and slides for the kids, and the parents are allowed to enjoy themselves with their kids.

Kids Fun at Yas Water World

The Area also has Water Shooters, Water Cannons, and a giant Dumping Bucket which drops water on the kids.

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Hairat Yas Pearl Diving Experience:

You can also enjoy Pearl Diving Experience with the instructor, find the Oysters, and open it to find the Pearl. There is a Glass wall from where visitors from outside can also see you.

Hairat Yas Pearl Diving Experience

Restaurants at Yas Island:

The Yas Water World also has Restaurants inside the Park, we enjoyed the delicious Pizza and Crispy Chicken with Fries and Drinks.

Food at Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi

Ending Note:

Your Tour to Abu Dhabi can’t be completed without enjoying the thrill, Adventure, and Aqua Fun at Yas Water Park. It’s highly suggested to reserve 3 days at least to experience Yas island and its activities.

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