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Best Hotel to Stay in Hamburg - 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

Updated: Oct 7

Have you heard about the 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity? It's part of the Accor Group Hotel chain and is located in various European cities like Frankfurt, Florence, Munich, and the Middle East.

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Best Hotel to stay in Hamburg:

Imagine yourself staying at the 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity in Hamburg, where all the main attractions such as Elbphilharmonie, Elbe River, Maritime Museum, and Speicherstadt are within a 15-20 minute walking distance. Undoubtedly, this is the best hotel to stay in Hamburg for everyone to stay during their vacation.

Best Museums in Hamburg
International Maritime Museum, Hamburg

The hotel is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Überseeallee in HafenCity, surrounded by modern buildings and architecture. It's also quite close to Hamburg's city center, approximately a 15-minute walk away.

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Lobby & Easy Check-in Experience:

As we stepped into the lobby of the 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity, we were immersed in a world that reflects the city's maritime heritage and modern creative spirit. The lobby is a fusion of urban design with nautical aesthetics, with maritime-themed decor like vintage ship parts, ropes, and nautical maps.

25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity
Lobby at 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

The reception area is not like any typical hotel check-in desk - the staff aren't just receptionists. They serve as local guides, ready to provide insider tips and recommendations to help explore Hamburg like a true local. Check-in starts at 3 PM, and the hotel can get quite busy, but fortunately, they have three counters for check-in. The process was quick, taking us less than 10 minutes to complete our check-in.

Hotels in Hamburg HafenCity
Lobby at 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

Near the check-in counter, there's also a small shop where you can purchase souvenirs. The ambiance captures the essence of a port city.

The hotel's elevator is unique, resembling a small wooden container. On the first floor, you'll find other relaxing common areas.

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Common Area of 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity:

Heading to the 1st floor, 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity boasts an impressive design concept. The lobby resembles a cozy living room, providing a space to relax, socialize, and co-work. The seating is comfortable, and there's a collection of books and magazines, along with board games.

Best Hotels in Hamburg HafenCity
Common Area of 25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

The area features paintings, sculptures, and other artistic elements showcasing the talents of Hamburg's local artists. An open terrace offers a spot to enjoy the weather.

Hotels near Hamburg HafenCity
Vinyl Corner in 25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

A Vinyl Corner is a heaven for music lovers, allowing you to spin records and enjoy music. There's also a separate space for events and work, making it ideal for business travelers. The 1st floor is full of creativity and artistic flair, reflecting Hamburg's culture and featuring the work of local artists.

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Most affordable Hotels in Hamburg
Common Area of 25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

Our Rooms at 25hours Hotel HafenCity :

The hotel offers various room types, suitable for solo travelers, couples, or families, including Medium, Medium with Bunk, Medium Plus, Large, and Extra Large rooms. You can choose according to your preferences.

Best place to stay in Hamburg
Our Room at 25hours Hotel HafenCity

We stayed in a medium-sized room, perfect for two people, located on the 4th floor. As expected, the room design was inspired by the city's maritime heritage. A unique feature was the artistic wall with cool pictures from around the world. The room included a small workstation, suitable for digital nomads.

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Best Hotel in Hamburg
Our Room at 25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

Upon entering, we found a small cupboard with a Canvasco bag for use during our stay. The hotel also provides a free mini-bar with water, drinks, and snacks. The room was cozy, featuring a plush bed with high-quality linens for a peaceful and comfortable experience. We also got a welcome goodie bag from the hotel.

25hour Hotel Hamburg
Our room at 25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

It also had entertainment options, including a flat-screen TV, Bluetooth speakers, and free Wi-Fi for staying connected. The bathroom was well-equipped with high-quality toiletries, a hair dryer, towels, and a rain shower.

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25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity
Bathroom at 25hour Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

Breakfast Experience at Heimat Kitchen:

The hotel welcomes guests for breakfast at Heimat Kitchen & Bar. The breakfast menu isn't limited to German cuisine but offers a blend of local and international options, including freshly baked pastries, bread, fruits, cheeses, and cold cuts.

Heimat Kitchen, Hamburg
Heimat Kitchen

A favorite breakfast corner is the Mediterranean section, with a variety of hummus and salads. Customized omelets can be ordered, and there are numerous options for fresh fruits and juices.

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Best Restaurant for Breakfast at Hamburg
Breakfast at 25hour Hotel Hamburg

The restaurant's ambiance is inspired by a blend of rustic and industrial elements, providing an inviting and cozy atmosphere for guests, whether they choose to sit indoors or outdoors.

Best Breakfast in Hamburg
Breakfast at 25hour Hotel Hamburg

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Sauna Experience at 25hours Hotel HafenCity:

Imagine leaving the hot sauna and stepping into a breathtaking panoramic view of HafenCity, with skyscrapers all around. That's truly the exciting sauna experience at 25hours Hotel Hamburg.

Best Sauna in Hamburg
Sauna experience at 25hours Hotel, Hamburg

Entering the sauna, you forget about the hustle and bustle and all the tiredness from exploring the city. It has a sleek design with warm wood, offering an inviting atmosphere. The sauna is open until midnight, allowing guests to unwind and relax.

Best Sauna in Hamburg
Sauna experience at 25hours Hotel, Hamburg

There's also a comfortable sitting area where you can enjoy the best view of the city, along with a small fridge filled with drinks and water to keep you hydrated after the sauna.

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Hotel with a best view in Hamburg
View of HafenCity from 25hours Hotel, Hamburg

Ending Note:

The 25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity earns a 10/10 for its location, with all the main attractions within walking distance. The hotel offers a fine restaurant, bar, and sauna, making your stay truly memorable. If you're planning a trip to Hamburg and searching for the best place to stay, 25hours Hamburg HafenCity is the top choice. Book now, and you'll thank us later.

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