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Essen Christmas Market - Christmas Market in Germany

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I have lived in NRW, Germany, for quite some time. And already explored the main Christmas Market in the region. In the Winter of 2018, As a couple, we planned to visit all the main Christmas Markets of NRW State, Germany.

Essen Christmas Market
Essen Christmas Market

We started our exploration from Dortmund, then the Most Beautiful Christmas Market of Cologne, followed by Düsseldorf.

Christmas market in Essen
Christmas Festivity in Essen

Aoon had already imagined that Essen Christmas Market will be as huge as other Christmas Markets we had visited. But Essen’s Christmas Market is very different from other huge and overcrowded Markets.

It’s smaller and cozier and attracts mostly locals rather than big numbers of Tourists. Even if the weather gets bad, there's plenty of space to take shelter.

Christmas Market in Essen
Christmas Festivity in Essen

How to Reach Essen:


Essen is located between Dortmund and Düsseldorf and is highly accessible by Public Transport. The best and most effective way is to take Regional Bahn or ICE.

If you are already living in NRW, it's highly recommended to take NRW day ticket costing € 30.50 and travel unlimited from 9:00 AM to 3:00 AM on weekdays and 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM on weekends.


You can also take a Flixbus. It's a cheaper option but takes more time than the train.

Things to do in Essen
Christmas festivity in Kennedyplatz, Essen

Essen Christmas Market location:

As you leave the Essen Central Station, you can see the lighting of small Christmas stalls in front of you. The Main Christmas Market in Kennedyplatz is a few meters away, around 10 minutes from the Essen Central Station.

You need to follow the sparkling lights which take you to the main Market.

Essen Christmas market:

The Christmas Canopies and Wooden-huts are set up yearly in Kennedyplatz, Essen. Essen Central station is decorated with hanging lights and chandeliers and gives the feeling of walking in a fairyland.

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 Christmas markte in Essen
Christmas festivity in Essen

The small wooden huts are selling different Christmas Souvenirs, wooden carved decors, and winter specialties like wooden socks, scarfs, Shawls and caps.

Christmas Stalls at Essen Christmas Market
Christmas Stalls at Essen Christmas Market

Other stalls offer traditional Christmas snacks like Mandels, Wurst, Pommes, Crepes, and Glühwein.

Christmas Stalls at Essen Christmas Market
Christmas Stalls at Essen Christmas Market

The Market is also very famous among Kids as they also have entertaining carousel rides.

In front of the Grilo-Theater, the lighted Reindeer were displayed and enhancing the beauty of the Christmas Market.

Grilo-Theater, Essen
Grilo-Theater, Essen

The Market also has a Medieval Themed market selling ornament from Medieval times. It’s not as massive as the Famous Medieval Market in Wittelsbacher Platz, Munich. The market also has a collection from all over the World and offers a unique shopping experience to its visitors.

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Christmas Market in Essen
Christmas Market, Essen

The most beautiful surprise of the Essen Christmas Market is its Big Ferris wheel which offers a spectacular view of the Christmas Market from the top.

Big Ferris wheel in Essen
Big Ferris wheel, Essen

Essen Christmas Market is the best place to visit if you are looking for a Calm and less crowded Christmas Market.

Ending Note:

If you have limited time in NRW, we suggest visiting the Christmas Market of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, and Dortmund.

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