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Würzburg Travel Guide: 10 Must-Do Things in Würzburg

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Würzburg is located in the heart of the South of Germany in the Franconian region. The city is not only famous for its picturesque Old Town but it also holds importance historically and culturally. The history of the city takes you back to the 6th century when the city was named "Würzburg" for the first time.

Things to do in Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany

In the 13th century, it was a famous trade center along River Main. During the mid-ages, the Prince Bishops held significant political power in the region and shaped the architecture of the city. The University of Würzburg was founded at the start of the 15th century and made the city a hub of education and scientific research. During World War II, the city was heavily bombed but still able to preserve its unique culture and history.

As Würzburg is located not so far from Munich, we had did the 1-day trip in the beginning but we had realized that the city has a lot to offer so a 1-day trip isn’t enough. So, This time we had planned a 2-night stay to explore the city.

What to do in Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany

How to reach Würzburg:

Würzburg is well-connected by Public transport including Train and Bus. You can take either the High-Speed ICE train to Würzburg or you could also use a 49-Euro (Deutschland ticket) to reach Würzburg.

There are also different Bus companies like Flixbus that offer their transportation services. Click below to explore more travel deals and get ready for your visit to Würzburg.

How to commute with Würzburg:

The city offers a good public transportation system throughout the city. There are trams and buses which takes you to different place conveniently. During our stay, we also used Trams and they were frequently available.

If you aren’t sure about what to do in würzburg then read our blog as we will cover the top 10 things to do in Würzburg which helps you to plan your trip to Würzburg.

What to do in Würzburg
What to do in Würzburg

Things to do in Würzburg:

  1. Marienberg Fortress (Fürstengarten)

  2. Old Main Bridge

  3. Würzburg Residence and surrounding

  4. Würzburg Cathedral

  5. Maria Chappel

  6. Market Square

  7. Würzburg Rathaus

  8. Cruise

  9. Kollegiatstift Neumünster

  10. Käppele Sanctuary (Wallfahrtskirche Käppele

Old Main Bridge
Old Main Bridge

1. Marienberg Fortress and Fürstengarten:

The Marienberg Fortress, Würzburg is located on the left bank of River Main above the hill. The castle was built as a small fortress in the late Bronze Age in the 8th century by the Franconian-Thuringian dukes.

Marienberg Fortress tickets
Marienberg Fortress Würzburg

In the Mid ages and the Renaissance times in 1200, the Castle Wall has been extended. From 1250 to 1720, the fortress was the ruling seat of the Würzburg prince-bishops, Duke of East Franconia. During World War II, the fortress was completely burned out and its construction was completed in 1990.

There’s a comfortable hike to the top of the Castle. It took us around 20 minutes from Old Bridge Würzburg to reach the castle. There are such beautiful views of the Würzburg skyline from the different spots in the Castle.

Fortress in Würzburg
Marienberg Fortress Würzburg

The Marienkirche located in the Castle is one of the old churches back to AD 706 in Southern Germany. One of the must things to do in Castle is to visit the lovely Garden with geometrical fountains and a blanket of flowers. The garden is called “Fürstengarten” and it was reconstructed in the early 18th century by Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp von Schönborn. The garden is located on the east side and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the River and Würzburg city.

Things to do in Würzburg
Fürstengarten, Würzburg

If you are interested in Arts and Culture then you must visit the Museum für Franken which exhibited a collection of art and treasures.

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Things to do in Würzburg
Würzburg Castle

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to book the Marienberg Fortress tickets online. But you can register by phone call. The Guided tour is only available in English on Weekends and public holidays at 3 pm whereas German guided tours are available every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm in summer (every hour except 12:00). Check out more details here.

2. Old Main Bridge:

The Old Main Bridge of Würzburg is also known as Alte brücke Würzburg. The bridge takes back to the era of the 15th century when it was constructed. It has 12 Statues of Saints and resembles the Charles Bridge in Prague but of course, it’s not as huge as Charles Bridge. It’s a pedestrian bridge used to connect Würzburg’s old town with Old Fishermen’s Quarter.

Alte brücke Würzburg
Old Main Bridge

The Bridge is a primary gathering place for the locals and tourists to socialize and mingle with friends and also meet new people, especially in summer. The Bridge is always crowded with people.

Old Main Bridge
Old Main Bridge

You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the Marienburg Fortress, Käppele church, and Vineyards. The famous Guest house Alte Mainmühle is also located at the start of the bridge and offer indoor and outdoor terrace for the ultimate dining experience with a view of the town.

3. Würzburg Residence:

The Würzburg Residence, a UNESCO Heritage site, is a stunning blend of German Baroque and French château architecture. Designed by Balthasar Neumann, it showcases Rococo interiors with art from Europe's finest artists. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo's Painted Ceiling over the Imperial Hall is a highlight, depicting continents with a humorous twist.

Würzburg Residence Ticket Price
Würzburg Residence

Things to do in Würzburg Residence
Würzburg Residence

You can explore themed rooms reflecting the bishop's lifestyle and learn about World War II's impact. Tickets are €9, available at the entrance. Don't miss the Court Garden and Hofkirche church for more beauty.

Würzburg Residence Opening timings
Würzburg Residence

Things to do in  Würzburg Residence
Würzburg Residence Court Garden

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4. Würzburg Cathedral:

It’s a Roman Catholic Church and a burial place for Prince Bishops of Würzburg for hundreds of years it’s the fourth largest Romanesque church in Germany and takes back to the 8th Century.

Famous church in  Würzburg
Würzburg Cathedral

Despite the fact that the Cathedral was heavily damaged during the bombing in World War II, and much of the interior was damaged. The Church was reconstructed in 1967 in a re-romanization style.

5. Maria Chappel:

The Marienkapelle was heavily damaged by the bombing in Würzburg in World War II and it was rebuilt in 1950. The Marienkapelle is located at the Market Square of the town and it's a Roman Catholic church in Gothic style from 14 th century.

Churches in Würzburg
Maria Chappel, Würzburg

The chapel was heavily damaged by the Bombing of Würzburg in World War II and its interior was destroyed by flames. It was rebuilt in the 1950s and re-consecrated in 1962.

6. Market Square & Old Town:

The Market Square of Würzburg is located in the center of a charming city. The market square town is surrounded by beautiful preserved medieval and baroque buildings.

Things to do in Würzburg Old Town
Würzburg Old Town

The open-air market is also a main attraction of Würzburg where you can find fresh products, local crafts, and treats. The square also gets life with the entertaining performance every day. There are lots of cafes and restaurants located in the square which is always crowded with locals and tourists.

Things to do in Würzburg
Market Square, Würzburg

The Old Town of Würzburg also offers a shopping and eatery experience for its visitors. There are lots of local and international brands where you can shop around.

7. Würzburg Rathaus:

Your Würzburg must-see isn’t completed without the visit to Würzburg Rathaus. The Town Hall or Würzburg Rathaus is also located near the Market Square. It’s a beautiful architectural gem with a bend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, and it’s a center of culture and social center and hosts various events and exhibitions throughout the year. If you go inside the Rathhaus, you can find a grand staircase and decorated chambers.

Würzburg Rathaus Ticket
Würzburg Rathaus

8. Boat Cruise in Würzburg:

The city of Würzburg also offers a River Boat Cruise experience in River Main. The Boat takes to Veitshöchheim and the Rococo Gardens. Veitshöchheim has also another famous castle located outside of Würzburg which used to be a summer residence of the prince-bishops of Würzburg.

Boat Cruise in Würzburg
Boat Cruise in Würzburg

The cruise starts from the "Alter Kranen" boat dock in Würzburg, and it takes on a tour and passes through the beautiful vineyards and Oberzell monastery to the town of Veitshöchheim.

Things to do outside Würzburg

The round trip of the cruise cost 13 euro and takes 40 minutes. The ticket is only available on the spot so you need to go a little advance to get the tickets. Find the timings and details of the cruise here.

Boat Cruise in Würzburg
Boat Cruise in Würzburg

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9. Kollegiatstift Neumünster:

You will be surprised to see the beautiful architecture of Würzburg, and Kollegiatstift Neumünster is one of the religious sites from the 11th century, and it has magnificent Romanesque architecture and served as a spiritual ground.

Things to do around Würzburg
Kollegiatstift Neumünster

10. Käppele Sanctuary

Käppele Sanctuary is also known as Wallfahrtskirche Käppele and it’s a pilgrimage site located on the Marienberg hill. It’s a baroque style architecture and you can take a funicular railway to the top of the mountain. The view of Würzburg and Main River is so stunning and it’s worth taking a scenic walk up the hill.

The Käppele also hosts various religious events and festivals throughout the year.

Where to Stay in Würzburg:

In Würzburg, a city with numerous accommodation options ranging from hotels to apartments, why not consider sharing the ultimate experience of staying in a castle?

Best place to stay in Würzburg
Grimms Castle Apartment

We stayed in the Grimm’s Apartment by Homekeepers in the Castle of Rottenbauer which is located around 15 minutes from the Old Town. The Grimm’s Apartment has different apartments which provides an experience of staying in Fairyland castle.

Ending Note:

Würzburg is located in Franconian Region, there are lots of things to do around Würzburg such as a trip to Nuremberg, Rothenburg, and Bamberg which are famous for its medieval old town.

Things to do in Würzburg

Würzburg is also famous for its Christmas Market which starts at the end of November till Christmas. It’s one of the amazing Christmas markets in Bavaria and should be on your list of things to do during Christmas.

A fun activity in Würzburg is a visit to Käthe Wohlfahrt which is a famous Christmas decor shop and people are visiting early year to buy their Christmas decorations. You can also take a fun train ride in Würzburg Old Town - there’s a train that offers a sightseeing tour of Würzburg.

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