Things to do in Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany

Updated: Feb 27

The Chiemsee lake is also known as Bavarian See and it’s the largest lake in Bavaria. The Lake is located near Rosenheim in the area of Chiemgau. The Lake is surrounded by the Chiemgau range of mountains.

The Chiemgau is famous for its creational activities. It’s not only an ideal spot for summer activities but you can also enjoy the perfect winter activities like Skiing in the area.

Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany

The Chiemsee has three famous Islands where you can do different activities. We have visited Chiemsee in Summers and enjoyed a very relaxing day by doing different activities.

How to reach Chiemsee:

The Chiemsee is super convenient to reach by Train. It’s around 1 hour from Munich and you can use different regional trains to reach there. There are two main train stations Prien a Chiemsee and Bernau a Chiemsee.

Bernau a Chiemsee., Bavaria Germany

The Prien a Chiemsee is most touristic as compare to Berbau a Chiemsee. We have been to both spots. There are also many other spots near the lake which are less touristy and you can go there and enjoy if you are interested to enjoy some alone time.

How to spend a day in Chiemsee:

We were coming from Munich and we wanted to spend some relaxing time in a less touristy spot so we took off at the Train Station of Berbau a Chiemsee. The Dock is around 2 KM from the train station and we had walked to the lake,

Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany

There are still lots of people and you can do lots of water activities there. There are also a few restaurants from where we had lunch. We had also enjoyed sitting and swimming in the lake.

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1. Boating in Chiemsee:

There are two boating companies, we had rented a boat for 2 hours to explore the Lake. The total cost for two hours was Euro 30. We would highly suggest you rent a boat as it’s a very relaxing experience and you can go where ever you want.

Boating in Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany

Whenever you rent a boat, don’t forget to mark a departure point on your maps as it helps you return to the right point.

You can also book a cruise trip from Berau but it’s not frequent as it’s from Chiemsee a Prien. So we decided to go back to Chiem a Prein. It’s just one station away. We took a train and we had taken off at the Train station of Prien a Chiemsee.

Boating in Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany

2. Exploring the Town:

We had also explored the town around the Chiemsee. The town has beautiful architecture and old buildings and decorated houses. There are also many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy some good Bavarian food.

3. Traditional Train Ride to the Lake from Train station:

The Dock is around 2 km away from the Train Station. You can either walk or take a traditional Steam train. Instead of walking to Chiemsee, we took a traditional Steam train from the Chiemsee a Prien train station.

Traditional Train Ride in Chiemsee

You don’t need to buy a ticket in advance. You can buy a ticket from the Info office near the train departure point. The ticket is around 2 Euros per person and we had also bought Lake Cruise tickets from there.

The train took us through the town and it really felt like if we are back in the industrial age. It was around a 10-15 minutes journey and we had reached the Lake.