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Visit Nuremberg - 5 Must do things in Nuremberg | Nuremberg Travel Blog

Updated: May 28

To explore the city of Nuremberg, let's start with the historical old town tour. From the Nuremberg Central station, you can either take U-bahn to St. Lorenz Kirche but we would recommend taking a short walk from Central train station on Bahnhofsplatz towards Frauentor.

Frauentor, Nuremburg old town

It’s just opposite of the road. Once you enter from the Frauentor, you will find yourself in a small Medieval town. There are narrow cobblestone streets which have artistic shops selling hand made Pottery and glass decor. It’s a must to visit Handwerkerhof to buy handmade decoration pieces.

Handwerkerhof, Nuremburg Old town

Tour to old town Nuremberg:

The old town of Nuremberg is encircled with city walls. We would suggest taking a walk on Pedestrian on Konigstrasse, the street has shopping brands on both sides of the road. If you walk a bit, you will reach to famous St. Lorenz Kirche.

You can explore the streets of Old town, Nuremberg . There are lots of shopping options for the shopping lovers.

St. Lorenz Kirche, Nuremburg

There are also dining options in the old town and street cafes & Ice cream parlour. The Pegnitz River is also flowing within the old town and has small old houses with wooden bricks on the roof. There are also few restaurants and cafes on the bank of the river.

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Pegnitz River, Nuremburg

One of the most famous squares of Nuremberg is Hauptmarkt. The square is in front of the Church of Our Lady. The iconic landmark of the Schöner Brunnen replica of a beautiful fountain from the 14th century which resembles a Gothic spire is also in the square.

Schöner Brunnen, Nuremburg Old Town

Medieval Dungeons:

Lots of the people aren’t familiar with the underground Dungeons of Nuremberg.From the Hauptmarkt, The Rathaus or Town hall is around 100 meters away. You can take door 2 to enter the Dungeons. The tour is only possible with the Guide so you need to check the dates and timings of the available slots in advance. There are different options to explore the underground Dungeon.

Prison holes:

The Prison hole dungeon was built for the criminals and suspects until their sentence.There is also a torture chambers where prisoners were being physically tortured. You can also find living quarters of the wardens. The place isn’t suitable for sensitive people and kids under 10.

Rock Passages:

Under the Nuremberg old town, there are narrow tunnels which were used in the 14th century for fermenting and storing beer. During WW2, the tunnels were used as a shelter place for the citizens during bombardment.

Red Beer in deep cellars:

In this tour, you can get to know about the brewery tradition of the city along with the taste of Nuremberg's red beer.

To check the Prices and timings

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg / Kaiserburg:

On the North of Old town of Nuremberg is the famous Imperial Castle of Nuremberg also known as Kaiserburg. The castle had a significant importance in the Holy Roman Empire and carried a stronghold in the region as every new emperor was obligated to have his Imperial Dinner here.

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Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

There is a steeper way up to the top of the Castle. The panoramic view of the city from the Castle is just mind blowing. The Castle has a prominent Sinwell Tower and Timbered houses in Courtyard. Nowadays, there's construction work going on in the castle which makes it a little inconvenient for the tourists.

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

Albrecht Dürer’s house:

Albrecht Dürer’s house was the home of German Artist Albrecht Dürer from 1509 to 1528. The house is located in Nuremberg old town near Imperial castle of Nuremberg. Its has a five story house with a timber frame. Now, the house has become a Museum presents Dürer's life and work.

You can also have a guided tour of the house from the wife of Albrecht Dürer’s (Actress playing Agnes Dürer)

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Documentation center Nazi Party rally ground:

The documentation center of Nazi party has became a museum in 1994. It exhibits the causes, connections and consequences of Nazi Germany.

Nuremburg Old Town

Ending Note:

Nuremberg has one of the most famous Christmas Markets in Germany. It would be best to plan Nuremberg Christmas Market and explore the main landmarks of Nuremberg.

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