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Ski Dubai in Mall of Emirates Dubai - Largest Indoor Ski Park

Updated: Feb 12

From the scorching heat of 45 degrees Celsius in Dubai to -4 Degrees Celsius in the Ski Dubai.

In the summer of Dubai, we were too exhausted by the unbearable temperature so we decided to visit World’s Largest Indoor Ski in Dubai. Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of Emirates.

Mall of Emirates. is highly accessible with your car and Dubai Metro.

Ski Dubai in Mall of Emirates
Ski Dubai in Mall of Emirates

How to book your Tickets for Ski Dubai:

You can book your tickets online and it includes Chair lift Ride access only once in 2018. We had opted for Summer Pass which has access to all main activities.

Back in 2018, Ski Dubai had different packages from the Basic Package which included free Park Access once and unlimited Access to Rides and One-time access to the Chairlift, and The Summer Pass which included unlimited access to Snow park, Snow Park Rides, Chair lift, Mountain Thriller and you can also choose one of the activities among Snow Bullet Ride, Penguin Encounter, Slope Session or Ski Lessons.

But now, they have different packages,. Check out the details on their website.

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

From the Counter, we collected our Outfits, Gloves, and Shoes. They also have lockers which are included in the price of the ticket at that time but now, there's another price for the gloves and locker.

Things to do in Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

We suited up and Got ready to Enter into the Dubai Ski.

Ohhh What a beauty !! We walked through the way which seemed like an Ice Cave and then we entered the Ice Age. The Area has dull lights and presents the theme of Dragons. There are a few points over there where you can get professional pictures which you can get later from the Counter.

Ski Dubai
Dragons in Ski Dubai

We went to Snow Park, Everything was covered in Snow and it looked truly Magical. We also had unlimited access to Snow Park Rides.

We started our tour with the Tube ride, we were seated in the tube and it was rotated and pushed by one of the Staff crew due to the Snowy Slope, we descended and then rose higher on the Cliff and then came back to the starting point.

In the other Ride, We went Inside the SnowBall and the staff member pushed the ball into the Snow. I was inside the ball revolving 360 degrees. It was such a fun experience.

Snowball in Ski Dubai
Snowball in Ski Dubai

We had also been to the snow Slide where we laid down and it took us to the bottom in a few seconds.

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Ski Dubai has activities for all people from different age groups. These rides are also for kids and they also have small snow Slides and Snow castles.

Penguin show at Ski Dubai :

There’s also a designated area for the Penguins where they come at specific times in the day and you can also have an opportunity to enter the designated area by paying an additional amount.

Penguin show in Ski Dubai
Penguin Encounter in Ski Dubai

You can also get a chance to click your memorable picture with them. If you don’t want to have Penguin Encounter, you can still see them playing and doing different acts with their Instructor from Outside of the area.


The basic ticket includes the one-time Chair lift Ride, as we had unlimited access to the Chair lift we had been on the tour of Ski Dubai 3 times. The Chair lift takes you on a tour above the Ski Area where you can see people enjoying Skiing.

Chairlift in Ski Dubai
Chairlift in Ski Dubai

Activities aren’t included in a basic ticket.

Slope Session:

The Ski Dubai also provides rental services for Ski lovers. The Chair lift takes you to the Top from where you can Ski on the Sloppy Mountain.

Ski Dubai
View of Ski Dubai

Mountain Thriller:

One of the most Thrilling experiences in Ski Dubai is the Mountain Thriller. The Chair Lift takes you to the Area which is a starting point of Mountain Thriller. Get yourselves seated in a Tube and be ready for the Thrill and Adventure. The Ride is like an ice Slide with steep slopes and Sharp turns and provides you with amazing fun.

Things to do in Ski Dubai
Mountain Thriller in Ski Dubai

Snow Bullet:

One of our favorite activities in Ski Dubai is Snow Bullet. It’s a Zipline experience over the Ski Area and takes you from one point to another.

Activities in Ski Dubai
Getting Ready for Snow Bullet

The staff was very professional, they checked our weight and height before attaching us to the Zip. We were hanging in a sitting position, here Comes the Countdown 3 2 1 !!

Zipline at Ski Dubai
Snow Bullet Ride in Ski Dubai

We were Moving on the Snow Bullet at the speed of Light and reached another point in a few seconds. The Staff was also present on the other side to untie us from the Zipline.

Ski and Snowboard lessons:

If you don’t know how to Ski !! No problem. In Ski Dubai, you can also get Ski and Snowboarding lessons.

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Restaurant in Ski Dubai:

The Chairlift also takes you to the Restaurant which is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a moderate temperature. The Restaurant has glass windows from where you can enjoy the View of the Resort with your Hot Chocolate and Snacks.

Things to do in Ski Dubai
Restaurant in Ski Dubai

Ending Note:

The Ski Dubai has a Glass Wall so you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the Ski Resort from different points and Restaurants in the Mall Of Emirates.

If you are staying in the Sheraton Hotel in the Mall of Emirates, you can also have free access to Ski Dubai.


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