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The Habtoor City has introduced a permanent Live performance Show known as La Perle by Dragone in Dubai. The Performers present two times in a day and the show occurs 5 days in a week from Monday to Saturday.

Aoon had watched this show for the first time in October 2017. Second time, We were invited by the Organisers of the show as an influencers, we collected our tickets from the Main counter.

Tickets for Le Perle Dubai

Merchandising Store:

After collecting the Ticket, we headed towards the Merchandising Store which has Le Perle Shirts, Caps, Magnets and other Merchandisers. We had bought a TShirt and Magnet for us.

Merchandising Store, Le Perle Dubai

The Cafe was also nearby from where we had bought drinks and Popcorns for the show. The cafe was fully crowded and we had to wait in the queue to get our snack. It would be better to go a bit earlier before the start of the show.

Theater :

The Theater has 5 different seating zones, VIP, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Price of the tickets varies from Zone to Zone. We had the Platinum ticket on the first row, it was the ideal place to enjoy every moment of the show. The sitting near the stage was almost full with the Audience.

Main Stage Le Perle, Dubai
Main Stage Le Perle, Dubai

Here Starts the Show !!

The Show starts with an Interactive Story led by a Clown with the Audience. The Artists has taken the art of Storytelling to the next level with the help of different Stunts and Aerial acts.

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Le Perle, Dubai

The Story evolved around the love story of two lovers who got separated and throughout the act they had faced many hardships and fights with different Villains who didn’t want them to unite.

Le Perle, Dubai

The show was a combination of Artistic and mind blowing performances with the help of technology and effects. In a few seconds, the performing stage had transformed into an Aqua theater and the Artists Performed an amazing Aerial show.

Le Perle, Dubai

We were so surprised to watch the stunts by the Artists, they were hanging on the Aerial and dancing and changing their Aerials so elegantly . And then a sudden dive into the water from the height of 25 meters by one of the main artists was a jaw dropping moment for us.

Aerial Performance Le Perle, Dubai

The Stage also turned into a Forest where they lovers found each other. The lighting was changing continuously according to the scene and brought it magic for the Audience. Then, the Waterfall started flowing from the roof of the theater.

Le Perle, Dubai

One of the favorite parts of the show was an act with a Globe with 5 Motor bikers which was deviated to the Ground from the Roof of the theater and the Motor bikers were continuously rotating within the Globe.