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Raju Omlet - Best Indian Street Food in Dubai

Updated: Feb 25

An Innovation in the Indian Style Street food with different Recipes of Eggs comes to the door of UAE. The Raju Omelet is a heaven for Egg lovers. It has a variety of dishes with a combination of Eggs cooked in different styles with different Indian Spices with entire different taste.

Raju Omlet has different branches in UAE, one in Sharjah and two in Dubai in Al Karama and Al Quoz. We have been to the Al Quoz branch and totally loved their innovation in Eggs with different spices.

In this blog, we would like to share our experience with the food and dining experience in Raju Omlet. The restaurant is located in a center of the city. It’s a small and cozy restaurant with a wonderful ambiance. It has a very funky theme of Chicks and Eggs.

What to Eat in Raju Omlet:


Akuri is a Parsi dish that has a combination of Onions, tomatoes with Scrambled eggs, and Indian spices. The Price of Akuri is AED 16.

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Chicken Tikka Egg Roll:

Chicken Tikka is wrapped in Egg and Paratha roll and it cost AED 22. The Gravy has prepared with tomatoes.

Bohri Keema:

Our most favorite dish was Bohri Keema. It’s a Chicken Mince in Bohri Style with a combination of different Indian spices and it costs AED 24.50.

Patiala Chicken:

Patiala Chicken is a specialty that directly comes from the State of Punjab, India. It’s a creamy Chicken wrapped in Omlet with signature onion and Tomato curry and It costs AED 25.

Plain and Reshmi Paratha:

We had ordered Plain and Reshmi Paratha which is a Crispy and Crunchy bread.

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For the Hot drinks, we highly recommend Kadak Chai which has cooked on a slow flame with a strong favorite. For the cold drink, we had ordered Raju Style: Fresh Orange Juice which has a mixture of Rock Salt.

Ending Note:

Raju Omlet has provided an affordable dining experience with an ultimate taste and presentation of the fusion of Eggs in all their dishes. The average cost per person is around AED 40.

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